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$0.00 - $500.00

Sabona Copper Magnetic Original

QUICK OVERVIEW: The original, worn by millions around the world 99.9% pure copper Features two 1800-gauss magnets
$29.00 $20.00

Sabona executive sport gold magnetic

The Sabona 339 Executive Sport Gold magnetic bracelet is a sharp combination of brushed stainless steel and 18k gold plating.
$124.00 $80.00

Sabona Men's Black Carbon Fibre Stainless Magnetic Bracelet

This trend-setting bracelet takes the combination of black and stainless to a new level. It has two 1200-gauss magnets in each stainless steel link and black carbon inserts, which maximizes both style and magnetic function.
$109.99 $80.00

Sabona Men's Executive Imperial Duet Magnetic Bracelet

combination of polished and brushed stainless steel with 18K gold plating gives the Executive Imperial Duet Magnetic Bracelet.
$129.99 $90.00

Sabona Men's Executive Imperial Stainless Magnetic Bracelet

Sabona Executive Imperial Stainless Steel Bracelet a modern yet classic look.
$129.99 $80.00

Sabona Men's Executive Regal Duet Magnetic Bracelet

Stainless steel and polished 18K gold plating make this Sabona design extremely popular. Want lots of magnets? This model has many links.
$129.99 $90.00

Sabona Men's Executive Symmetry Duet Magnetic Bracelet

The Sabona Executive Symmetry Duet Magnetic Bracelet features a smart combination of matte stainless steel and luxurious 18K gold plating.
$129.99 $90.00

Sabona Trio Cable Stainless/Gold Magnetic

A unique style in cable bracelets! Three stainless steel cables connected together and accented by five 18K gold plated connectors, each containing a 1200 gauss samarium cobalt magnet. Sabona chooses Samarium Cobalt magnets for long term durability and rust resistant qualities.
$110.00 $80.00

Sabona Women's Executive Dress Gold Duet Magnetic Bracelet

Sabona Women’s Executive Dress Gold Duet Bracelet is a perfect combination of style and function.
$129.99 $90.00

Sabona Women's Executive Regal Duet Magnetic Bracelet

Best selling women’s style, this sophisticated Executive Regal Duet Magnetic Bracelet is plated with 18K gold
$129.99 $90.00

Sabona Women's Executive Silver Gem Magnetic Bracelet

An elegant design, this silver bracelet has several white gems for a neutral and sophisticated way to wear a magnetic bracelet.
$109.99 $80.00

Sabona Women's Turquoise Magnetic Bracelet

Sabona design The stones are surrounded by antique stainless steel in an attractive rope link design.
$129.99 $80.00

Sabona Men's Executive Symmetry Silver Magnetic Bracelet

Sabona’s best selling magnetic bracelet! The Executive Symmetry Silver Magnetic Bracelet features a stylish design with a 1200-gauss magnet embedded within each large link.
$109.99 $80.00