Nature's Secret Coconut Oil Intensive Moisturising Cream

From the essence of pure Coconut Oil comes a time-tested intense skin nourishment remedy.
Manufacturer: Nature’s Secrets

Nature's Secrets Intensive Moisturising Cream with Virgin Coconut Oil


From the essence of pure Coconut comes a time-tested intensive skin nourishment remedy. This mineral oil free formula, with Virgin Coconut Oil, Almond Oil and Olive Oil, swiftly penetrates your skin to provide relief from dryness, roughness and wrinkles. The combination of natural oils leaves your skin soft, silky and youthful all day long.

  • Nature's Secrets Herbal Heritage Intensive Moisturising Cream with Virgin Coconut Oil
  • Face Care 
  • Relief skin from dryness, Roughness and wrinkles, Soft, Silky & Youthful skin!
  • Mineral oil free
  • 100ml
  • Use Daily on Face
  • ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, No Animal Products/Testing, GMP Certified Company

  is responsible for the manufacturing of  Intensive Moisturising Cream and they take full responsibly for their claims.



Products specifications
Manufacturer Nature's Secrets
Package 100ml
Approval Health Canada CNF # 0263411
Weight 0.350kg
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