Nature's Secret Face Wash-Lotus

Lotus flower extract has been scientifically proven to contain natural Kaempferol that inhibits melanin production in skin cells, effectively reducing age spots, blemishes, pigmentations and balancing uneven skin tone.
Manufacturer: Nature’s Secrets

Nature's Secrets Face Wash-Lotus

Your face is one of the most important parts of your body. Proper care of your face will ensure a healthy skin and fresh look. In order to keep your face radiant and younger looking it is important to use the right products that suit your skin. Nature’s Secrets facial washes, creams and lotions are made with natural ingredients to make your skin look soft and supple.

Lotus flower extract has been scientifically proven to contain natural kaempferol that inhibits melanin production in skin cells, effectively reducing age spots, blemishes and pigmentation, while balancing uneven skin tone. Lotus Face Wash, with combined natural extracts of Lotus, Licorice and Nut-grass, nourishes and improves your skin, giving you a vibrantly youthful complexion.

Lotus (Nelumbo nucifera Gaertn.) Flower Extract effectively assists in whitening your skin tone whilst reducing age spots, pigmentations, blemishes and uneven skin tone. This soap free facial wash gently removes oils, grime and make-up, without drying the skin while maintaining natural moisture balance. It also contains natural extracts of Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) and Nut-Grass(Cyperus rotundus L.) that nourish and lighten the skin for a radiant and younger looking face.

  •   Facial Wash
  •   For Normal to Dry Skin
  •   Soap Free. Cleans & Moistures.
  •   pH 5.5-6.0 - Lightens Skin Tone
  •   Use Instead of Soap!
  •   Manufactured by a GMP, ISO 14001, ISO 9001 Certified Company. 



The natural detoxifying ability in lotus eliminates excess free radicals in skin cells and protects against skin damage. It whitens and smoothens skin, making skin visibly clearer.Its high moisturising and nourishing properties enhance skin radiance. High anti-oxidative and anti-ageing properties in lotus fight against wrinkle formation 

 is responsible for the manufacturing of Face Wash-Lotus and they take full responsibly for their claims. 


Products specifications
Manufacturer Nature's Secrets
Package 215 ml
Weight 0.260 kg
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