Sabona Women's Turquoise Magnetic Bracelet

Sabona design The stones are surrounded by antique stainless steel in an attractive rope link design.
Manufacturer: Sabona of London

Product Description

Big bright turquoise stones highlight this new Sabona design. The stones are surrounded by antique stainless steel in an attractive rope link design. The Turquoise Magnetic Bracelet has one 1200-gauss magnet in each link, making this the ultimate bracelet for style and health. Add this beauty to your Sabona collection today!  


Features and Benefits  

•We choose top-quality Samarium Cobalt magnets for their continuous resilience and rust resistant properties.  

•Our stainless-steel link bracelets are crafted with pins that preserve stability even while worn continually.  

•Manufactured from 316L stainless steel - guaranteed to never rust.  

•We offer a manufacturer's warranty for all our jewellery.  



To fit yourself for the Turquoise Magnetic Link Bracelet, you have to assess the circumference of your wrist and add roughly 1/4" (.64 cm) to 1/2" (1.27 cm) to ascertain exactly which size you should get. Give some thought to how close fitting you'll want this wrist wear to be. Normally, clients like theirs to fit slightly loose. The reason being is when a link bracelet is too tight, it will have a tendency to stick to the arm from the increased friction. Our women’s sizes are: Small (6.5” or 16.5 cm), Medium (7.0” or 17.78 cm), and Large (7.5” or 19.05 cm).  


Care Considerations  

To keep the bracelet clean, routinely use a top quality jewellery cloth to polish the outer surface and rub the inner surface thoroughly clean. So that you can get optimal positive advantages of Sabona jewellery, you are recommended to wear it almost always, excluding when handling cleaning products or whenever swimming in salt or chlorine-sanitized water.


Quick Overview:

 •Real marbled turquoise stones adorn each link for a bold, feminine look  

•Features intricately embossed 316L stainless steel and permanent pins  

•One powerful 1200-gauss magnet built into each large link